Monday, July 26, 2010

HB Magazine Feature: Finding the Perfect Make-Up Routine by Nathan Johnson

Finding the perfect make-up routine is not an easy feat for anyone. But when you mix in the stress and responsibility of being a working girl or a busy mom, even the easiest routine can seem like way too much effort. Working hard and having kids does not mean your days of glamour have to be a thing of the past. Follow these SIMPLE steps and you will be beautiful (in minutes) with no guesswork.

Let’s deal with the complexion first. Sweeping a layer of tinted moisturizer over your face will even out your skin tone, giving you an over all smooth and pulled together look. As an added bonus, the dewy finish of the tinted moisturizer gives the skin a youthful glow. TIP: Apply tinted moisturizer (or any other foundation product) with a foundation brush. Your fingers being dry and full of crevices, they will gobble it up, wasting product and money. A brush will also make the application smoother and more accurate. Choose a quality synthetic brush and, with proper care, it will last you a lifetime.

Dark circles are public enemy number one, but also a side effect of having kids or a tough job. Hiding them is essential. This spring, Beauty Society will release a revolutionary concealer called Incognito. This powerhouse will more than conceal; it will cure. The six shades will perfectly mask any discoloration while brightening and color correcting. With continued use, the skin healing ingredients like ceramides will make dark circles, puffiness and sunken sockets a thing of the past.

Bronzer is key to having the glow and radiance of healthy skin. Choosing a shade with a gold hue will add extra vitality to most skin tones. With a fluffy brush, lightly dust color on high points of your face (all the areas the sun would touch), forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin. Then, with a smaller brush, apply the bronzer over your eyelids to add just enough color for a sultry pop to the eyes.

Next up, lip and cheek stain. A dewy flush to the cheek will keep you looking healthy and sexy all day long. Buff it right into the apple of your cheek so it looks like the color is rolling up from underneath the skin. Using the same stain on your lips will supply the perfect kiss of color that will last all day long.

Last but not least, mascara. By darkening, thickening and lengthening the lashes, you will accentuate, add depth and open the eyes. Enormous Lash by Beauty Society is AMAZING! It is full of vitamins and nutrients that treat, condition and enhance your lashes.

While the mascara adds length, curl and volume, the conditioning ingredients will actually grow your own eyelashes…Try and find another brand that can do all of that! If your lashes are straight or point downward, a good curl would do you a lot of good; otherwise, curling is not a necessity. If you want a touch more pop in the eye, Add a swipe of taupe or espresso shadow to the crease with a blender brush to further open and add definition. For even more depth, use an angel brush to apply the same powder to the upper lash line.

After a time or two, you will have this routine down to 3 minutes (or less). Give it a try. I promise it will leave you looking (and feeling) beautiful. Now was that easy or what?

Nathan Johnson is a film, television and celebrity make-up artist with over 17 years experience. His work has adorned over 75 recognizable faces ranging from Paul McCartney and Angela Lansbury to Ice T and Annette Bening. Some of his most notable credits include Project Runway, The Tony Awards, The CBS Early Show and Good Morning America. Nathan is proud to serve as the executive make-up artist for Beauty Society, where he can work with his favorite client ‘the real woman’. Call 866.446.8848 or log onto to learn more about the products or joining our team. Visit the Beauty Bar at 214 5th Street in Huntington Beach for a complimentary facial or make-up application. Have a skincare or make-up question for Nathan? Write to him at and your answer could end up in a future issue. Bring this article into the Beauty Bar to receive 20% off your purchase.

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